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Meet Industrial Designer: Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee industrial designer at Olero Designs

We recently met up with local designer, Jeremy Lee. He had some unique ideas about design as a solution to solve common problems and to improve everyday life. Check out our Q&A session with him below.

How long have you been an industrial designer?

I have always been interested in design when I was very young but later took a keen and disciplined involvement in industrial products for just over five years.

Why did you choose this field?

Industrial design was a blessing that was granted to me unexpectedly when I was desperately looking for a purpose in life that will someday make a positive impact for social growth.  I recognize that design is truly one of the few professions in the world that harnesses creativity, function and beauty into one valuable tangibility.

Can you tell us about some of the projects that you have been working on?

I have been involved in a series of human-centric projects such as modular wooden toys for children and unique folding furniture for modern furnishings.  I also participated in collaborative group projects designed to pursue environmental initiatives for Oboz (sustainable footwear company) and social enhancement for developing African communities in Kenya.

Where did you do your studies in design?

I accomplished my degree in Industrial Design at Emily Carr University.

What are your goals as an Industrial Designer?

My aspirations in Industrial Design will be to pursue and generate meaningful products that openly solve problems, connect dots and raise discussion for collaboration and cognitive stimulation. Objects are inherently unique and tell stories therefore, I intend to search and identify these particular patterns in aspects of my work.

What is your favorite project you’ve done and why?

My favorite project is my continuing final grad design product named, Atmos.  Although, there is much to say about Atmos, it is truly an amalgamate artifact and concept that has yet to fulfil all of its intended possibilities and outcomes.  My desire to solve space related problems with beautiful sacred and modular geometry allowed me appreciate the brilliant minds of our past for example Buckminster Fuller, Plato and Isaac Newton.

Atmos by Jeremy Lee of Olero Designs
Where can I learn more about Atmos?

You may find out more on my website,

What was your favorite toy growing up?

My favorite toy growing up was my teddy bear, Pokey. He is even older than me by over 2 years!

What would your ultimate children’s toy be like?

The best children’s toy for me must allow room for creative exploration and every aspect of the design must appreciate all materials involved.  I enjoy hacking into things and often the best toys provide children opportunity to make up stuff under definitive constraints.

What’s your favorite product from our line?

One of my favorite line of kid’s products from Ulferts Kids' is the chair piece made of solid wood from Japan.  I enjoy how the simplistic design celebrates raw metal joinery juxtaposed with natural and human friendly characteristics.

We would like to thank Jeremy for spending time with us to do this Q&A.  We look forward to hearing more from him and seeing his future innovations!


Jeremy Lee is an industrial designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  To learn more about his company Olero Designs and the Atmos project, visit  You can also check out Jeremy's portfolio from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

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