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  • 5 Easy DIY Halloween Classroom Crafts
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5 Easy DIY Halloween Classroom Crafts

It's finally October, one of our favorite months of Fall! This month brings us two great holidays - Thanksgiving Day and Halloween. It also means that classrooms will be busy with all sorts of crafts and activities. Being big do-it-yourself fans, we've selected a few awesome decorations you can do with your classroom - and put them up after.


  1. Paper Owls These guys are so adorable! And super easy to make. They are essentially made of toilet paper rolls and cupcake holders. Because they're so light, you can prop them up nearly anywhere, or even pin them up to your walls. We found this on Amelies House - you can find more details at her blog here. Photo: Amelies House

  2. Trash-bag Spider What's Halloween without a giant, creepy spider? Photo: Angel in Bloom

  3. Spooky Faces Heather at Chickabug shows how you can turn nearly anything into Halloween decor with just glue and paper (or even a Sharpie). Get creative and spook up your classroom! What other everyday items will you use these on? Photo: Chickabug

  4. Gumdrop Pumpkin Alright, this is more of a treat than a decoration. But Halloween is really about getting candy anyway, right? Use it as a centerpiece for kids to take home! Photo: Craft Elf

  5. The Haunted Reading Room -- our favorite! Transport your kids into another realm with this reading nook. A host for all sorts of imaginations. Kindergarten Rocks! used theirs for skeleton puzzles, guessing how many eyeballs are in a jar, and dressing up in different costumes. Turn your Haunted House into an activity and craft center for your kids! Photo: Kindergarten Rocks!

What will you be doing with your classrooms this October?

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    UK Team
  • Ideas for Arts & Crafts

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