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  • Forget studio family portraits, capture precious moments in natural light
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Forget studio family portraits, capture precious moments in natural light

A Family Portrait by Ai Constantinidis

I'm sure many of you can relate:  you bought an expensive camera and became a shutterbug with your first born, and then came along your second born and now you're using your camera phone.  Let's admit it, the camera phone is probably coming out less and less too, isn't it?  I get it, we all have our hands full!, so the last thing we're thinking about is snapping pictures!

Well, recently my wife Michele and I decided that when our son Connor turned 6-months, we would find a photographer to help us take some 'real' portraits of our family.  We tried the studio session thing with Kaley, our first born.  Although they were decent pictures, there was just something that felt cookie-cutter about the portraits taken in a studio.  Mind you, we went to a kid-friendly studio, so the session went smooth with Kaley smiling and looking at the camera.  However, most of the pictures now sit in our closet next to our underappreciated camera.  So with Connor we decided to find a photographer comfortable with doing family portraits outdoors.

I know that once people decide to go with a photographer, the biggest challenge is actually finding a good "photog". Short of turning this blog post into a photographer review, I wanted to share that we were really happy with the work of our photographer, Ai Constantinidis, owner of Live + Love Boutique Photography.  Ai's instinctive understanding of how to work with her subjects, use of natural light and building a visual composition with the surrounding environment made for some very unique images for my family that we'll cherish for years.  Needless to say, I was so happy with Ai's work that we even featured several images on (check out the sliding images of Kaley and Connor on our homepage!).

So, if you're planning family portraits, skip the studio sessions and consider searching for a photographer who specializes in natural light!  There are many professional and even some amateur photographers that have a skillful eye for taking fantastic images for your family that won't sit in your closet collecting dust.



If you would like to see more of Ai Constantinidis' work, please visit her website Live + Love Boutique Photography, or 'Like' her Facebook page.  Ai Constantinidis is the owner and principal photographer for Live + Love Boutique Photography, and is based in Surrey, British Columbia.  Ai specializes in portrait photography, and specialty categories such as boudoir and glamour compositions.

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  • Post author
    Jason Chiu
  • Team Perspectives

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