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Do you want to build a snowman?

Here's a recipe that will amaze you and your kids! It's a great sensory experience for the kiddies and even adults too!  The outcome is "snow" that feels cool to the touch and easy to mold and shape!

Preparation difficulty: Easy (under a minute)

Affordability: Low (house brand ingredients cost us $3 CAD total)

Clean-up: Easy (wipe-and-wash)

Can you tell which snowman is made from real snow?



  • 500 g Baking Soda 
  • 1 can Shaving Cream
  • Optional: Glitter for the sparkly snow effect



1. Add baking soda into bowl 

Step 1. Add baking powder into a bowl

2. Add shaving cream in portions. (from our experience we needed less of the shaving cream)

Step 2. Then add shaving cream to the baking powder

3. Mix with spoon and hands

Step 3. Then mix and tweak to get your desired snow texture!

4. Now create your Winter Wonderland! Let it snow!

Step 4. Shape your "snow" into whatever you like!

This craft is so easy and affordable, we recommend this recipe to be tripled for larger groups and bigger projects!

PS: This recipe is not intended for snowball fights! : )

We love the Essential Kids website so we tried out this craft on our own. Make sure you check out their website for more articles and resources! For other fantastic sensory experiences, check out ECEmom's website.

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