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Easy Halloween Crafts

The Halloween Spirit is in the air!!

We have a couple of decorating tips just for you!
Olaf Pumpkin Carving Template



Reusable Milk Jug Halloween Decorator:
It’s not Christmas yet, but you can still bring out those Christmas lights to light up the milk jugs

  1. Use opaque milk jugs,
  2. Clean the milk jugs and dry thoroughly
  3. Cut out the bottom of the milk jug so the lights can be inserted
  4. Let the kiddies decorate the milk jug
  5. Use Christmas lights or electric candles that flicker
  6. For spookier effects, use blue and green lights
  7. Display near doorway or outside (if using electric candles)


Alternative for Bobbing for Apples

This traditional game is revamped for purposes of proper sanitation and the purpose of fun and giggles!


Variation 1

  • apples can be hidden in a bowl of flour, beans instead of in a tub of water

Variation 2

  • Hang and suspend donuts (with holes in the middle) with a string instead of apples


Want to get the most Halloween candy this year? Visit our Where to take your kids trick-or-treatin guide !!

Happy Crafting!

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  • Post author
    UK Team
  • Ideas for Arts & CraftsTips & How-to

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