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  • Mooncake Festival 2014
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Mooncake Festival 2014

It's Mid-Autumn Festival again, this year it will be on Mon. Sept 8 where we will gather with our families and eat mooncake, and the little ones will get to play with chinese lanterns.

As the second generation in Canada, we kind of lose the meaning of this tradition.As I was growing up, I remember that my mom and grandma told me a tale about this Chinese lady named Chang’e and somehow she drank a special potion that made her light as air and she floated to the moon. To me, I just thought that she was a bit crazy, drinking potions! Her husband Hou Yi remembers her by eating the mooncake to symbolize unity and gather of the family each on the 15th day of the 8th month each year because the moon is the brightest and biggest.

This year I am enjoying my mother-in-law’s homemade snowskin mooncakes with family and friends. The mooncake flavors shown in the picture below: lotus paste (white), green tea and homemade red bean paste (green), and mango and fresh durian (orange). Like the meaning of the Mid-Autumn festival, we hope your family is gathered and has unity and happiness.


Here are some common questions about the Mid-Autumn Festival:

  1. Is this festival also called the Mooncake Festival?

Formally, the answer is no. But in our family we call it Mooncake Festival

  1. Do we give or receive Red Pockets for this festival?

No, red pocket is typically for Chinese New Year and only those who are married has to give them out.

  1. Is the Traditional Mooncake fattening?

Yes, but there are other healthier options. The Snowskin Mooncake is a no-bake pastry that requires few ingredients (shortening, cooked rice flour, icing sugar) and a mold.

The link below shows a very good recipe of how to make the Snowskin Mooncake.

Snowskin Mooncake Recipe:

Sweet Red Bean Paste Recipe:


Here are some ways to celebrate in the our city:

 1. RCCS TD Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2014

Location: Lansdowne Centre Mall
Date: Sun Sept 7, 11am - 5pm

2. Lantern Festival In the Boro 2014

    Location: Port Royal Park, New Westminster
    Date:  Sat Sept 6, 5:30 - 7:30pm

    3. Taste test Vancouver's Trending Macaron Mooncake -- Soirette Macaron and Tea Pop Up Shop 

    Location: Holt Renfrew
    Date: Fri Sept 5-8, 
    Link: https: //


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    • Sep 05, 2014

      Yes, the fairy tale about the crazy lady who drank a potion and flew to the moon is one of traditional Mid-Autumn tales. There’s another tale (of the non-fairy kind) that’s been going around about the mooncake itself.

      During the period when the Han Chinese were ruled by the Mongols, they used mooncakes to conceal messages to coordinate a rebellion on Mid-Autumn day.

      They can have as many tales as they like, as long as they keep the mooncakes coming, then it’s all good.

      — Patrick Lee

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